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My life, My future, My choice
In South King County of Washington, USA, we promote Holistic Youth Development among Youth from Low-Income Communities by Mitigating Psycho-Social impacts of Immigration. We achieve this through acculturation processes, Life-Skills Training, and Youth-focused Programming that is both Culturally relevant and responsive.

In KENYA Tiplus offers psycho-social support to abandoned children, adolescents & Teens in their diversities like orphanhood and born positives through community programs that promote education, skills building, and self-sufficiency.
We offer comprehensive help to school going students who are HIV positive/negative, those facing other tough situations such as Homelessness, Substance Abuse, and those impacted by Poverty , Violence and Social Injustices among others. We believe in essence as our slogan states, "my life, my future, my choice" that every step we take in ensuring that the needs of these students are met goes a long way in seeing to a better future for us all.
-We also offer mentorship programs for girls aged 9-19 through teaming them up with competent, skilled and reputable young adult ladies who choose to guide these young girls through their lives. They also engage in activities such as photography, volunteering, baking, videography, etc. as a way of developing the teenager's talents and interests.
Although our focus is on the African American community, Tiplus offers Swahili and kikuyu lessons to all who are interested, as a way of encouraging the knowledge of Kenya's national language and their specific ethnic mother tongue. We also have study rooms for parents to drop off their kids who would like to do their homework after school.

We sell cultural merchandise such as keychains, headbands, necklaces & jewelry. We also offer guitar lessons as requested and a fully equiped library.
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