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Tiplus Washington Community Outreach

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Tiplus_WA collaborates with state, local agencies and other non-profits to advance equitable distribution of resources among minority communities in King County. Towards this goal, Tiplus_WA is involved in the ongoing HealthierHere initiative, a Medicaid Transformation Project a five-year agreement between the state and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that provides up to $1.5 billion federal investment for regional health system transformation projects that benefit Apple Health (Medicaid) clients.Tiplus_WA, a partnering Accountable Community of Health (ACH), is commited to the goal of changing healthcare delivery in King County by sharing perspectives that are culturally inclusive, relevant and addresses the whole person. The expected outcome is better use of available resources and maximum benefits to ethnic communities including people of color, immigrants and non-English Speakers. Tiplus_WA faciliates community dialogues among ethnic communities to include their voices during stakeholders' conversations on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

We understand the importance of togetherness therefore we make efforts that connect our organisation the public. Connect with us to be a part of our community outreach events and enjoy the fulfillment that comes with it!

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